About Louie

My name is Louie and I am an almost-1-year-old bunny living in London. My life is really awesome and I binky* a lot, but I want to help other bunnies and animals have happy lives too. There are so many rabbits and animals that end up in shelters and rescues and many are euthanized due to overcrowding. Others are ill and need vet care. Rescues cannot do the great work they do without funding, and that’s were this project comes in.

I love posing for the camera and my humans enjoy taking pictures when I play and snooze. We’re turning these into bunder-ful cards and stickers hoping it will bring a smile to someone’s day. Every single card sold benefits bunnies and other animals in need. We promise to donate all profits from the sales to rescues. And we’ll choose 1 rescue per month to work with! How awesome is that? If you run a rescue or wish to nominate one, contact us now!

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*a binky is a big jump in the air a bunny makes when he/she is very happy!