Rescues we help

We are looking to work with several rescues throughout the year. Our first confirmed collaboration is with the Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (SNORS). Nearly 70,000 rabbits go through UK shelters and rescues every year, with many of them coming in with health problems. Rescues can only do so much and sometimes a bunny has so many health problems, special needs, or is of such an advanced age that the special care they need is beyond what an average adoptive family can provide. This is where SNORS comes in. This way these rabbits are not left in a shelter until the end of their lives.

SNORS founders have been working in this capacity for over 10 years, helping many rabbits retire to a loving home where their (complex) needs are fully looked after. They only take in the number of rabbits they are able to afford to care for properly, and rely on fundraising to cover vet bills and day to day care needs. Rabbits live at SNORS until the end of their lives, ensuring they live out the rest of their lives in comfort and with love and companionship. SNORS provides a wonderful way for rabbits to retire that have otherwise seen an unlucky start in life.

All rabbits living at SNORS are free range with indoor accommodation and access to the outdoors for play time. They are fed quality hay, pellets and vegetables and their environments are enriched with the type of toys they love and thrive with: tubes, digging boxes and hiding places.

Let’s help SNORS continue to do the great work they do! Unless otherwise noted all profits from our greeting card sales made in January and February will benefit SNORS. We are actively welcoming applications for March onwards and we will rotate the rescues we benefit.

all images courtesy of SNORS